Tarot & Counsel Sessions August 3rd, Noon-4PM, $20 per Session

Join Alyssa at Feathered Outlaw for mini Tarot & Counsel sessions - 20 minutes for $20

Alyssa offers in-depth, guidance focused tarot readings with elements of coaching and counseling on a core issue or situation of your choosing. In this exchange we’ll work through the dynamics of your situation and utilize the cards to explore important influences at play. The goal is to build new ways of approaching your life that lead to greater harmonization, awareness and meaningful growth. My sessions and style of work focuses very heavily on self-empowerment, looking at opportunities around you to bring things into balance and addressing any counterproductive patterns and mindsets. I do not offer predictions but instead guide you towards greater insight that will lead you to clarity and the ability to make more informed decisions in life.

For more info on Alyssa: https://www.alyssapolizzi.com