Harvest Moon Bath Ritual

In my experience, Full moon rituals are great for grounding and empowerment. They are also excellent for my mindfulness practice. The idea is to set that intention honestly, without all the fluff. It isn’t a contest. This ritual is for you and you alone. If your ritual space doesn't look like the perfectly staged Pinterest post-that’s OK. As you allow yourself the space for more rituals they will naturally flourish.

For my ritual this month I am focusing on the anxiety that I have been tied to.

 Items I have chosen to include in my Harvest Moon Bath ritual

  • Object that reflects my intention: *Rose Quartz (some folks choose to write the intention on a piece of paper)

  • A piece of natural jute cord with a knot in the center

  • An Item that symbolizes self: I will be using one of my birth month stones. In this case Turquoise (Aries / Taurus)

  • A Bowl (because I honestly know I won’t have time for a bath). As I live on an island-I also will bring a seal tight container to collect a small amount of fresh moon water for the house

  • A pair of scissors

On 9/13 my plan is to have my ritual at the beach after our Art Reception. I will gather a small amount of moon water and find a comfortable place to sit. I will then place my stones in the moon water and repeat the following several times:

May the harvest moon amplify my ability to cut the cord of anxiety that has had me so troubled. May I manifest love and acceptance in its place. So may it be.”

I will then cut the jute cord at both ends symbolizing the banishment of anxiety from myself.

Once the cord is cut I will anoint myself with the moon water by placing both hands in the water and touching them to my forehead AND in this case, my throat, since my throat chakra is most affected by my anxiety.

What you do AFTER your ritual is totally up to you. I usually tend to have some time to soak in the beauty of the night by the moon and listen to the sounds of sea birds and waves. I then will typically head home and have a whiskey on the rocks. Cheers!

*Rose Quartz

 Chakra: Heart

 Emotional Healing Benefits: Anxiety, Depression, forgiving      mistakes, your own or others, ideal crystal for overcoming  abuse of all kinds, self-love, reassurance during trauma (emotional and physical), unconditional love & peace

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