Mercury Retrograde

I was reminded by a friend this morning that Mercury will make its final retrograde from October 31st to November 20th. She expressed to me that she was upset to go through another round of decreasing luck during this time.  My knee jerk reaction was to help in some way, so I pulled a card for her and offered an inspired interpretation. That said, it really got me thinking about the retrograde and what else I could offer as a proactive solution to the various effects that it has on those that I care about.

Mercury Retrograde is seen by many as a huge roadblock in their lives, causing issues such as miscommunication, technology failure, delays in progress, anxiety, frustration and irritability, all of which often leads to restlessness and in turn: exhaustion. 

Everyone knows someone that suffers during Mercury in retrograde. So I thought that it might be helpful to offer some easy-to-apply solutions to combat the effects of this pain in the ass of a planetary alignment before it strikes.

Create a daily affirmation. To be fair, “live, laugh, love”, is not my jam. My affirmations usually look more like “ I am focused and will accomplish these three things today” or “I am enough”.

Keep it simple. Keep the message true to you so that you can repeat it throughout your day.

Meditate. Let me just start by saying that I don’t have a meditation “practice”. I want to be that person, I’m just not there yet. What I do have is the Calm App on my phone. It has guided meditations in 5 minute sessions that can be easily applied to any busy schedule. I meditate in the car while waiting for my son, in the shop when I don’t have shoppers and most often when I first get home after a busy day. 

Be Mindful. I hear “I just can’t think straight!” and “I can’t focus!” a lot during Mercury Retrograde. A mindfulness practice is often the solution. I honestly tend to get caught up in the past and/or the future often. I then end up losing sight of what is happening in this very moment and instead get caught in the undertow of “what if’s”. By staying present and honoring the now, you are living in the moment and not allowing the past or future dictate your mood. 

Gratitude. This one is so easy and yet the one that I believe we all get caught up in missing the most. Instead of wallowing in the pain, struggle and challenges of work, parenting, friendships or just life in general, make it a point to acknowledge what you have to be grateful for. Even on the worst of days, there is always something to be grateful for, right? That could be gratitude for a person, a meal or even that double shot of bourbon.

Forgiveness. It may seem an annoying or even impossible task, but this is huge. And the person who often needs the most forgiveness? It’s that fantastic face staring back at you in the mirror, friend. We are almost always our own harshest critic, and it can be a real de-motivator too. Let’s say you intend to be mindful and present, but find your mind dragging you to the past or worrying about tomorrow. And when you catch that, you hear that voice tell you “see, you messed it up”. Give that voice a kind & courteous middle finger. Because we are ALL (and always) a work in progress. When in doubt? Think of what you would say to your best friend if they were in your mental shoes. That’s usually where you’ll hear the voice of compassion you’ve been depriving yourself.

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