About the Outlaws

Est. 2016 - We are Peddlers of new and vintage apparel, handcrafted jewelry and accessories, home goods, gift items and custom bath & body products.

Marie Ortega
I'm the owner of Feathered Outlaw, founded 2016 with Melissa Rivers, aka the Herbal Gypsy. Our goal is to spread joy, healing and beauty with our custom-printed apparel, accessories, jewelry, and hand-crafted bath & body products. 
If you have any questions or comments, please shoot me an email at rebel at featheredoutlaw.com. Thank you, and enjoy!


Melissa Rivers
The Herbal Gypsy
Herbal Gypsy Bath & Body is a line of hand crafted, luxurious products with an aim to connect you with all the amazing benefits that nature has to offer.